DVD packages come in a plastic amaray case along with a paper cover. Inserts are also available on a custom quote basis. DVDs come in DVD-5 , DVD-9 and DVD-10 options. The DVDs are molded, no burned. The DVD face is printed using an offset printing method.

We have been offering DVD replication services since 1994!

Contact us with your DVD (or Blu-ray!) info, and you'll genereally receive a quote in 1-2 business days! You can also call us at 941-484-5151!

A completed IPR form must accompany ALL DVD replication orders. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IPR FORM.

Need custom print work, custom paper, or different packaging options? We can do it! Contact us and let's get it started!

All DVD orders are subject to a 10% over or under run... In other words, you get billed for the exact quantity of discs you receive.